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A Shattered Mind - Poster/Wallpaper by ToNyEmBlEy A Shattered Mind - Poster/Wallpaper :icontonyembley:ToNyEmBlEy 0 0 Img 20140530 054309 by ToNyEmBlEy Img 20140530 054309 :icontonyembley:ToNyEmBlEy 0 0 Frozen in Winter by ToNyEmBlEy Frozen in Winter :icontonyembley:ToNyEmBlEy 2 0
Epitaph (excerpt)
I looked to the slowly swinging pendulum as it chimed the midnight hour, dragging on and on, bringing me one step closer to my end. I stare at myself in the mirror, pallid skin that stretched and protested under every movement, gaunt cheekbones that barley held the portrait of my face.
I was small, much smaller than I'd ever been. Often I would stand in face of my reflection, marveling at my body's own incompetence. I'd never been able to comprehend how my very being ended up tearing me down in my prime.
Once I stood tall, proud and strong with the world on my shoulders and life in the palm of my hand, but now reduced to shambles, all but destroyed.
Denial, that was my main drive at first. Denial pushed me along the motions and forced me back into the gym to train for the next fight, but I could feel everything getting harder and harder, slowly backing out of reach and ability.
It's terrifying really, to watch the instrument of your successes and life accomplishments become ties that b
:icontonyembley:ToNyEmBlEy 0 1
No One Understands
When I'm a step away-
A single stretch from breaking-
And crying from the strain.
No one is ever there.
When you have a day-
A moment sadly breathtaking-
And screaming in pain-
I am always there.
Where do I fit in-
Into this plan?
The hole rotting-
In my heart.
Where can I begin-
To finally stand-
And not be forgotten-
In the dark.
I understand.
I wait.
I listen.
For you.
No one understands.
No one waits.
No one listens.
For me.
I am alone-
Except for the pain-
I feel in my soul-
And know in my head.
I am alone-
A rock among the sand-
A sound in space-
Nothing to no one except myself.
:icontonyembley:ToNyEmBlEy 4 4
A Passion
A pulse-
A beating rhythm.
Small little whispers and ticking sounds that rattle in my head.
They're like-
Speeches or talks.
Filled with thoughts and words that cannot be said.
Every time-
Every single time.
They claw their way out through my fingers.
It's music-
And beautiful melodies.
Each creation, in it's own beauty, lingers.
Each one-
Taking my soul.
Reveling in their only piece left of me.
Music is-
A beautiful expression.
And the only way that I'll ever feel free.
Music is a passion of mine.
What's one of yours?
:icontonyembley:ToNyEmBlEy 4 1
My Sorrow
These pages I write-
In words of cold sorrow.
I want to die tonight-
Yet live to hold tomorrow.
:icontonyembley:ToNyEmBlEy 4 0
A Little More
Soft lips-
Against mine.
Hot breath-
Across my flesh.
It was a moment-
Just one.
That moment-
Is when I realized-
That she was all I needed.
Our fingers-
Her voice-
With words fresh.
Feeling warmth-
From the sun.
That night-
Is when we stopped lying-
And finally conceded.
This poem was how I told you our story-
Of a couple of more-than-friends.
We still remain so.
:icontonyembley:ToNyEmBlEy 6 0
Sunset Silhouette
I lay the rose on your grave.
Today I stop being brave.
The time taken to grieve.
Given as a small reprieve.
The tears I let fall are trapped in midnight.
Brought on by the still twilight.
My eyes scan the horizon-
As night takes the forgiven.
The stars capture my eyes-
While the dark takes the sky.
I hope that you can see me-
That I might just make it yet.
As I stare into the sun-
My eyes capture your Sunset Silhouette
My hands shake-
As the world quakes.
A small release of pent-up rage-
Tears of ink upon a page.
My words can’t bring you home.
Until they can I’ll roam alone.
Within the sun I see your ghost-
But it’s your presence I miss the most.
Though I know you’re still watching-
I’ll always be left wanting.
To make you proud-
And see your face within a crowd.
:icontonyembley:ToNyEmBlEy 8 2
She Hides From Time to Time
There she stands-
Or so it seems.
Dancing through deadly daydreams.
A single flare-
To light the dark.
Prancing past my passive heart.
Her I chase-
Across all time .
Tearing through my tired mind.
Once I fall-
Or fail the climb.
Still she saves me one more time.
Inspiration is her name.
:icontonyembley:ToNyEmBlEy 9 4
Under Pressure
Is but a tie-
Left to live another lie.
Am but a boy-
Sent to sing a song of joy.
Is but a plot-
Seeking things we never thought.
-Under Pressure-
Comes at a cost-
Holding on to what's been lost.
Comes at a price-
Petty penance won't suffice.
Comes at a toll-
Solace from a weary soul.
-Under Pressure -
I am under pressure.
These dreary days of growing up-
Have been darkened by passing clouds.
It seems that I am soon to be thrown-
Out of the Colder Weather-
And into the Storm.
:icontonyembley:ToNyEmBlEy 2 4
Is This Goodbye -Chap 8 of 20-
The Birth of Vera 2 of 3
I could feel the cold night air sting me as I woke up screaming and my hands clutching at my eyes. It was only a few seconds until they burst into my room. Robin came first, but Starfire and the others piled in after him. He flicked on my light and ran over to me. I couldn't even hear a word he or any of the others were saying. All I could hear was that girl's voice, still screaming at me. "LET ME OUT!"
My entire body was burning and aching. I could do was scream and hope the pain would stop. "What the hell's wrong with her!" I heard Beast boy yell. "I don't know!" "Well figure it out Robin. NOW!" He lifted me up and slung me over his shoulders, he started carrying me over to the med station. When we got there I was paralytic. All I could do was look around the room; I couldn't speak, move, tell them that it felt like something was ripping through my entire body, or even try to make it stop.
Then I felt something, something strong. It just started to build, str
:icontonyembley:ToNyEmBlEy 2 5
Is This Goodbye -Chap 7 of 20-
Part 2: The Birth of Vera 1 of 3
I am walking through a scorched plain, the trees barren, roads cracked and neglected. As my steps echo in the emptiness I begin to feel unease. There is no other person in this forsaken realm, not that I have been able to find.
Hours I roam and still: Nothing. Not a sound, a word, nor a whisper. It seems as if it is a vacuum and nothing is allowed a have a say in existence. My feet cross broken glass, but there is no crunching, my heels crush gravel, but there is no shuffling.
Off in the distance I can see something, a chalice. As I draw near I can hear it calling to me, as if a lonely soul left for centuries in solitude, only to suddenly have a guest. The small songs that I can hear in the back of my head starts getting louder and louder until I finally reach it.
There is a sudden voice that says, "Look." The word was long and slow, but the word to me felt as if it spoke a volume. I look inside the solid black chalice and I see Beast Boy. I see me in h
:icontonyembley:ToNyEmBlEy 4 5
A gypsy's eyes-
Hold wispy lies-
That they never live to tell
They break all bonds-
Whether fake or strong-
And settle only in hell.
They'll hold you tight-
Through the cold of night-
Then leave you wanting.
A final kiss-
That rivals bliss-
But the feeling is so haunting.
:icontonyembley:ToNyEmBlEy 4 7
Once Eyes Open
I adore the sense of dreaming-
Images with untold meaning.
Movies to capture your soul.
They flash to life across your eyes-
Then leave you wanting, to say goodbye.
Their absence is a bitter sting.
As they dance around your mind-
They start to bend and defy time.
Ending in seconds in a matter of hours.
Suddenly they're departing-
Ending before truly starting.
Gone once eyes open.
:icontonyembley:ToNyEmBlEy 0 0
One of A Kind
When you meet someone who makes your day brighter-
Be sure to hold on even tighter.
Because they're damn hard to find.
When you can completely be yourself and natural-
Then throw in the fact she's utterly beautiful-
It makes for one hell of a time.
She makes me laugh and smile-
With her humor's own style.
Soon I hope to make her mine.
:icontonyembley:ToNyEmBlEy 1 0


Tali holding n7 helmet by Gabylan121 Tali holding n7 helmet :icongabylan121:Gabylan121 146 10 113 Different Anime Manga Eyes by GH07 113 Different Anime Manga Eyes :icongh07:GH07 3,571 121 Anime Eyes 2 by anime-cy Anime Eyes 2 :iconanime-cy:anime-cy 277 7 Commission:Troubles of Tali by Sch-G Commission:Troubles of Tali :iconsch-g:Sch-G 1,279 158 Dinosaur Battlemaster by TehArtMonkey Dinosaur Battlemaster :icontehartmonkey:TehArtMonkey 443 65 Grunt by MrBojangles824 Grunt :iconmrbojangles824:MrBojangles824 315 37 Black and Gold - WIP by Nightfable Black and Gold - WIP :iconnightfable:Nightfable 374 24
See the children in the street,
The crying children at your feet,
In cardboard boxes they call home,
So afraid, and all alone,
The tears they cry, with my ears do meet,
They echo loudly in the street,
Someone love me,
Someone there?
Someone please, please,
Someone care.
:iconlittlebit57:Littlebit57 14 8
Love Effect by Just-Jasper Love Effect :iconjust-jasper:Just-Jasper 296 109 PSC - Tali and Shepard by aimo PSC - Tali and Shepard :iconaimo:aimo 897 82 Spectres by Nightfable Spectres :iconnightfable:Nightfable 598 64 ME2: Paramour by hanaraad ME2: Paramour :iconhanaraad:hanaraad 644 245 Facetome 2: Thumbs up by marzlapin Facetome 2: Thumbs up :iconmarzlapin:marzlapin 282 77 Facetome 6: Wall of Shame by marzlapin Facetome 6: Wall of Shame :iconmarzlapin:marzlapin 176 61
Get Over It
“You’re just sad.”
“Suck it up.”
And the worst?
“Get over it.”
I’m not just sad. I suffer from depression
Waiting for happiness’s resurrection.
I can’t just forget it, it’s in me for good
I can’t do the things that I know I should.
I’m not just sad. I’m broken. I’m lost.
I’ve tried everything to fix it, no matter the cost.
I’ve carried a blade just to hold to my wrist.
I’ve carried a dream inside of my fist.
I’ve talked about it, like they say I should do
But all my efforts are stopped by ignorant people like you.
“You’re just sad.”
“Suck it up.”
And the worst?
“Get over it.”
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 1,040 277
Mass Effect - Dance by suthnmeh Mass Effect - Dance :iconsuthnmeh:suthnmeh 1,398 431


by Meiphon

Well, if I am to be honest this is quite... entertaining. I searched "Tali Hot" to see what would come up and I found this (I assume mo...

by BlackBy

This, hands down, out of all I have seen for the "Human/Turian baby", is the most thought out, original, detailed piece I have seen on ...

I was having a horrible morning before I saw this. Its amazingly choreographed and completely original while still displaying amazing f...



To everyone who watches me. I'm not active on this site anymore. I still look at everyone's amazing art and I browse it all of the time just for creative inspiration in my writing, but I don't submit anything anymore.

Mainly because I no longer feel that I have anything to contribute, so I started working outside this platform and I'm happy to say that I've finished my first poetry collection. Now I'm shamelessly self promoting it.…

Please take a moment to to consider purchasing it. Or even just spread it around. I'm proud of it and I don't feel bad putting it out there. So I hope you don't mind.

Keep it up everybody, I'm still watching!
Slowly drowning.
Every breath slower than the last.
I wonder about time.
Pulling every gasp.

A dragging downfall.
A dip lower than the last.
Never finding purchase.
Until I pass.

An unassuming roughshod.
A subtle inquisition.
Through my eyes.
Stunning disposition.

Life is unconcerned.
Not with lowly volition.
I am not important.
Outside coalition.

So I go to face it.
My unending doom.
I'll sit smiling.
In a burning room.


I've been thinking about life lately. Nothing really stands out. Maybe I'm just boring -I am- or maybe life SEEMS boring. 

Have you ever felt trapped in your own skin? Like you're bound to too many things. To your job, your schedule, your life. I wish I had a little more freedom. I wish I could pursue the goals I have freely. In the end I just want a free ride, I guess.

I hate that everything you want as always too many dollar signs away. I don't mean materialistic things like a car or TV or piece of unnecessary furniture. For instance, one of my long-term goals in life is to start a publishing company aimed at young writers so that I could give them an up-front and fair deal.

But that requires money I don't have (and will never have). Money for the education, the startup, then the upkeep and maintenance.

This journal is starting to ramble, but I just hate the fact the currency is the ruling factor of life. I wish things could be different.

The hearts of men are unwilling though. And I doubt we will ever find that kind of harmony in this world. Mankind is too greedy and ungrateful.
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Personal Quote: "There are people who say life is easy...well they obviously don't know what its like to be homeless."


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