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-Updated and Remastered 12/11/15-

The slow, steady, and annoying beeping from his EKG machine was drilling holes into my ears, but I dealt with it. It was my fault. I didn't mean for that to happen. An accident. A careless accident. It could have been so much worse. We got lucky. Just thinking about it was putting me back on edge.

His breathing was deep and calm though, making my nerves settle down a bit, but no matter how settled I got those two words kept repeating I my mind over and over again.

Marry Me.

They held more power than I could possibly believe. I didn't even know if he had meant it. Let alone knew he said it. Still, they owned me. I was completely at the mercy of those words. They kept every little fiber of my being locked tight and at attention. A centralized focal point in which all of my thoughts revolved around.

Everything that had happened in the last five hours was astonishing when put into perspective.

We got Beast Boy to Med Bay.

Cyborg woke up and, like an idiot, got up without permission to order pizza. Causing one of his fractured rubs to puncture his lung.

We called a surgeon to come and take care of said punctured lung.

I sat with Beast Boy.

I thought about what Beast Boy said.

What had been occupying my thoughts since everything had calmed down was that last one, obviously.

That was it, that is what happened in the five hours after recovering him. I let the air slowly wash over my lungs as I inhaled deeply through my nose. My eyes closed as my legs crossed over each other, allowing the stress to flow throughout my body. Having the mental concentration to channel it out of you makes it an invaluable tool. I could feel my muscles unlock themselves from their sore shackles, I could feel my mind shut down and succumb to the whims of my meditation.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos."

-POV switch to Starfire-

I had not been this worried over our Beast Boy in a long while, but Raven also troubled me. I fully supported the relationship that had blossomed between my friends, but Raven had been indulging in her very weakness as of late. Emotion. It was a concerning thought that nagged at the back of my thoughts occasionally. Nothing that called for action, just to pay attention to.

Only I stood on the roof outside. Robin had went to bed, but sleep hadn't crept up on me yet and watching the sunset was always something that entertained me. There had not been time to watch it lately. Yet now I sat with my feet dangling off the ledge of the building as my eyes looked over the city that was dying down for the night.

The amount of cars were dropping drastically, lights in the buildings were turning on along the with the streetlamps. The sounds of car horns were slowly being replaced by the bumping bass of nightclubs. After taking all that in, I changed my mind. The city wasn't dying down, it was just waking up.

There were two faint foot steps behind me before a pair of arms wrapped around my shoulders.

"Hey. You like the view?" Robins soft voice caressed my ears while his warm embrace heated my soul.

"It's so beautiful." I tried to say, but the words caught in my throat as his lips connected to my neck with a small kiss.

"Yeah it is, but not like you. Not like you."

The breeze was licking at my skin, goosebumps flourishing across my skin. I caught myself debating whether it was Robin's touch or the wind causing them. The small movement of his head dipping down to bury itself in my shoulders sent chills down to the base of my spine.

"I love you, Star."

"I love you too, Robin."

-POV switch to Raven-

My mind was completely empty, the air was calm, the noise was low. The aura was extremely relaxing. A fruitful meditation. It was stunning to think how much I'd been through in comparison to the mundane that surrounded me. Normal people living normal lives. The the complete polarity was stark.

A little girl has a bad dream and wakes to find the arms of loving parents holding her tight and reassuring her that it'll be okay.

My eyes close a little too tight and I see flashes of evil, hear whispers and lies. Then they open to cold air and dark magic.

A young teen goes to a party with his buddies and drinks too much, just to pass out on the lawn.

I lose my temper and scar someone for life.

An emotional teenage girl fights with her emotional teenage boyfriend, she cries, he says sorry. They kiss and make up.

I send mine across the room trying to mess around… and give him brain damage and endanger my family. Add a demon in for good measure.

The dreadful truth? I wouldn't have it any other way.

I've been to an alternate dimension. Fought and interacted with alien life. Given life to a book character, gained and lost control of my powers. Been betrayed and accepted. Become the vessel of immense evil that I call my father.

Fell in love.

A normal girl would have lived three lives in that span while I've barely started my first.

Thoughts like that kept reverberating off the walls of my skull until they hit a touchy subject within me. What would happen when it was all over? What happens when there can be no more Titans? What would become of all of us? We all lived in the tower and had no real plans of changing that, but would it stay that way in the future? Can we stick together that long?

My body went rigid and a gasp tore out of my throat as a distant reality, something so far away and perfectly impossible, flashed before my eyes.

I could see Beast Boy on the roof Titans Tower, shoulders squared a little more with age, his frame a little less wiry. He looked mature. Then out of nowhere a small child jumped to his shoulders, laughing and crowing with happiness. The little boys face was so beautiful, his purple hair was long and pulled behind his head in a ponytail. The sight of it made me grip my own that looked just like it.

"Hey bud! What are you up to?" The boys green cheeks spread into the most unbelievably precious smile, revealing a few missing teeth.

"Trying to be like you daddy!" Beast Boy went from holding a child to holding a baby wolf pup, but the form was unstable. Solid yet fluid, an uncontrolled amalgam of beast and human that couldn't decide on what it was. It wasn't even ten seconds before the pup reformed into the boy it was before.

"Aw, I couldn't hold it." The kids face fell into a heart-wrenching mask of sadness with his amethyst colored eyes welling with tears.

"Hey, just keep practicing and you can do stuff like me." Beast Boy said before his body shifted to a bear with the boy on his back.

"Yay! I get a piggy-back ride!" Out of the bushes came a little girl who was walking over to them with the sweetest voice I'd ever heard.

"But he's not a pig." She chimed as she excitedly jumped onto Beast Boy's back and started yelling with who I guessed was her brother.

"Haha, come on daddy!" Her shaggy green hair was ruffling with the breeze just like Beast Boy's, her pale complexion was highlighted by her shimmering emerald eyes that caught the light like a see-through stain glass window.

Beast Boy changed back to his normal self and caught them on his shoulders.

"Hey hun! Oh! Look who it is!" His hand waved to me and two pairs of beautiful eyes locked on me.

"Mommy!" then the vision vanished, but the feelings stayed. A beautiful could-be. A terrifying maybe.

-POV switch to Beast Boy-




My head was pounding harder than it ever had before and every light was too bright, every sound too loud.

"Oh, aw that hurts." My fingers were gingerly touching to see where I had gotten hurt, and of course it hurt when I found the sore spots, but hey, I've never said I was smart.

Have you ever woke up not knowing what the hell happened? Well, it's not fun. At least not for me. The last time this sort of thing happened I'd discovered my inner beast. There were was a little bit of snoring that wasn't coming from me as I was stretching. To my right in the next med station was Cyborg, and he looked a little bad, but he'd seen worse.

The heart monitor was hooked to me in various places so before I got up I had to waste my time trying to detach myself from millions of wires and watchamacallits, but I finally got free of the wiry prison. It felt amazing to stretch my limbs after what felt like months of sitting still. I was going to walk to the fridge but in my way was Raven, she was sitting with her legs crossed, but she looked like was asleep. It was funny, her head drooped so far you would think she would have fallen over by then, but I spared her the jabs and gently picked her up.

Her head cuddled into my stomach as I was walking her to our room. If you could get into a fight with a door then that door would have been totally screwed because when it opened because it almost woke her up.

"Dumb door." The covers on the bed were already made so I laid her down and pulled it over her body. I couldn't bend over very well because when I did the pressure built and that felt like someone was unscrewing my skullcap and smashing my brain with a brick, so I crouched down to kiss her forehead, then she woke up.

"Oh, sorry babe. Didn't mean to wake you." I whispered.

Her eyes were barely open but they had an emotion, the had a message. Granted it wasn't a clear one, but it was there, and it was screaming out to be heard. Her soft fingertips caressed my face "He looks just like you." Great I must be going crazy, that or I missed something. "Wh-" but before I could finish, she put her hand across my lips and she whispered "Just shut up." Then her soft lips touched mine and she pulled me close. There was no rain so I was confused when I felt wetness on my chest. I tilted her head up surprised to see her crying.

"Rae? Rae what's wrong?" Again to my surprise, she chuckled.

"Nothing Beast Boy, there's nothing wrong at all. In fact, I honestly think I'm happier than I ever been." My world was officially perfect, well besides the head trauma, the injured friend and memory loss, my world was essentially perfect.

"Hey Beast Boy, when I brought you out of your frenzy you said something to me. Do you remember what it was?" I was racking my brain to try and figure out what I said, the thing is that it was like looking through mud. Something was there, I just couldn't make it out.

"Sorry, I don't. What did I say?" There was a moment in her eyes that I couldn't place, not unusual for Raven. Mind like a maze.

"Just wondering."

I shrugged it off and tried to fall asleep, sleep sounded good. Real good.

-7:00 am the next morning-

-POV switch to Raven-

Light from the window was creeping in on me to my surprise. Not so much a bad thing as unexpected. Even after several months, there were a few things about sharing a room with Beast Boy that I couldn't get adjusted to. One of them being that he always has the shades open, which means light in the morning yet the beautiful night sky. I prefer the latter.

One thing I was used to thought, was Beast Boy still sleeping like the dead by the time I woke up. That man would rather lay in his bed and let Silke eat all of his clothes than wake up to shut off his alarm.

If he's awake this early, he's up to something. This can't be good. I thought.

But all fear vanished when I smelt the absolutely amazing smell of eggs, bacon, and biscuits coming from the kitchen. To my enormous surprise I saw Beast Boy at the stove finishing up a large platter of eggs.

"Beast Boy are you high or something?" He jumped and almost spilled the eggs, which made me laugh...on the inside.

"Jeez, Rae don't sneak up on me, you're too damn quiet. Anyway no I'm not high, but I figured I might as well make breakfast since I'm up early." My brow cocked right up in disbelief for two reasons. He was cooking for us, being the first. The second being that in the very back of my mind I thought it was sexy that he was cooking.

Don't ask.

"Why are you even awake?" He was trying to hide something and failing horribly.

"What, I cant wake up early?" My brow rose even higher (if that's even possible).

"Alright, I didn't even sleep. I couldn't, my head hurt too much and I was super hyper. Anyways go ahead and eat up before Cyborg gets here."

"DO I SMELL BACON?" Beast Boy smiled and sighed in defeat as he realized it was futile to think Cyborg wouldn't bogart the food.

"Too late, I shoulda known." BB said, flashing that grin, the cocky half smile that could cut through any barrier that I put up.

"BB, its like heaven!" Cyborg was already scarfing down his plateful of food and Beast Boy just had to make a jab.

"God, never thought someone could inhale food."

"Overgrown vacuum." I followed up and Beast Boy put his hand up for a too enthusiastic high five. My hood swished as I shook my head and grabbed his hand, pulling it down to his waist.


"How your ribs doing bud?" He asked Cyborg.

"Oh they're fine. Sore, but fine. Just try not to make me laugh. Ok?"

"No problem dude." Around the counter I counted and noticed we were missing two.

"Hey, where's Starfire and Robin?"

"Oh they spent the night on the roof."

"Don't want to know."

"Wise, young padawan."

"Breakfast?" Robin asked from out of nowhere with Star holding his hand with timing only a member of the Bat family could have.

I nodded and bowed, motioning to Beast boy.

"Courtesy of the resident layabout."

"Hey!" BB said with a scowl and a his tongue out.

"We're not arguing?" Robin said with Star nodding right behind him. And with that everyone just took their food and sat down, except for me. I wasn't really hungry, my tea was more than enough.

Robin just digging in, along Star, Cyborg, and Beast Boy (who was eating tofu of course) Beast Boy pulled in a very deep breath, holding it for far too long before his hand came from under counter to lay right in front of me.

In his hand was a soft, small, purple, velvet box.

My breath had completely stopped and time came to a crawl. All of the little intricacies of normal life vanished, leaving no dust nor wake of air. Just the deafening silence of a stunned realization.

His hand grabbed mine in a soft but demanding tone and wrapped my fingers around it, then he moved them so that the box opened.


"Raven, I have loved you since the moment you realized you hated me. I need you in my life, I just hope you feel the same or I'm gonna be making a giant fool of myself."

"Will you marry me?"

There was no second long enough, no words strong enough, or tears quiet enough to give him an answer. So I followed the one thing that was able to come from my lips.

Slowly drowning.
Every breath slower than the last.
I wonder about time.
Pulling every gasp.

A dragging downfall.
A dip lower than the last.
Never finding purchase.
Until I pass.

An unassuming roughshod.
A subtle inquisition.
Through my eyes.
Stunning disposition.

Life is unconcerned.
Not with lowly volition.
I am not important.
Outside coalition.

So I go to face it.
My unending doom.
I'll sit smiling.
In a burning room.


I've been thinking about life lately. Nothing really stands out. Maybe I'm just boring -I am- or maybe life SEEMS boring. 

Have you ever felt trapped in your own skin? Like you're bound to too many things. To your job, your schedule, your life. I wish I had a little more freedom. I wish I could pursue the goals I have freely. In the end I just want a free ride, I guess.

I hate that everything you want as always too many dollar signs away. I don't mean materialistic things like a car or TV or piece of unnecessary furniture. For instance, one of my long-term goals in life is to start a publishing company aimed at young writers so that I could give them an up-front and fair deal.

But that requires money I don't have (and will never have). Money for the education, the startup, then the upkeep and maintenance.

This journal is starting to ramble, but I just hate the fact the currency is the ruling factor of life. I wish things could be different.

The hearts of men are unwilling though. And I doubt we will ever find that kind of harmony in this world. Mankind is too greedy and ungrateful.
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